What We Sell



It is not unusual to find  old, collectible, books on our shelves. We stock our store with the selections donated to us by the public – you never know what you might find!

Please note: scanning of books to determine resale value is strictly prohibited. 

Here are just some of the categories of books found at the Whitney:

Hardcover fiction Biographies, Memoirs
Classics Cookbooks
Large Print books History – World and U.S.
Children’s books Sports Titles
Popular paperbacks Reference books
Gardening Self-help
Travel Local History


Children’s – paperback & board books -$1, hardcover -$2 Current Releases – $3 trade & $4 hardcover
Young Adult –  paperback-$2, hardcover & trade paperbacks-$3 Adult – hardcover$3,  trade paperbacks – $2.00; paperbacks – $1.00