How To Donate

SlyviaAll of the books sold at the Whitney Book Corner have been donated by the public or discarded by the library. We are happy to receive your donations and ask that donated  articles be left on the loading dock of the main library, 99 Clinton St., not the Whitney Book Corner itself. If you would like a receipt for your donation stop at the front desk of the library and the staff will provide one.  All items are taken to a large room upstairs in the library where a dedicated group of volunteers sorts through them. The better quality books, etc., are taken to the Whitney, while the rest are stored for inclusion in the huge semi-annual sales held at the library.Hauling the books!
We accept the following:

  • hard cover and paperback books
  • CDs, DVDs, audio books


sniff test

Due to limits in storage, disposal space, and potential for damage to the library’s collection, the library cannot accept materials listed below:

  • Books with water damage
  • Records
  • Books that are dirty or have an accumulation of dust or cobwebs
  • Musty material smelling of mildew – try the sniff test!
  • Magazines
  • Reader’s Digest Condensed Books
  • Textbooks older than five years
  • Encyclopedias older than ten years
  • Computer books older than three years
  • VHS or audio cassette tapes
Roger and Barbara Grasier

Roger and Barbara Grasier